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Great Day Hood Famous TV Blog readers! Not only does your voice count at the polls it counts here at Hood Famous TV too. I want your feedback. Comments, questions or concerns are welcomed and encouraged. Tell me what you want to see more of on the blog and don’t forget to get your nominations in for  Hood Famous TV “Hustler of the Month”  before the deadline. All info should be sent to . Prize will be announced soon.




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Good evening Hood Famous TV Blog readers.  Is your neighborhood the best hood in Da Land? Just want to get you all going and worked up for a few minutes, so shout out yo’ hood in the comments section and why you think yours is the best. Was it childhood summers? Big Mommas block parties? Uncle Mikes burger joint? I want to know.


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Hood Famous TVHustler of the Month”. This title will be awarded to a male or female who we feel is consistently on their grind in the music business, professional in nature and looks good doing it. Are you or do you know someone who qualifies to be  “Hustler of the Month” ? If so, we want to hear from you. Send a pic and a short description of why you or the person you know should be nominated to

At the moment we are just looking for individuals in the music industry, whether you are a performer, producer, DJ, etc. You must be in the music business. You can be male or female and must be available for an in-person or phone interview if you are picked. You can live in any of the 50 states and must be at least 18 years of age. Prize will be announced in late October.

We will begin this feature in our November blog posts so get your entries in by October 20th to be considered for November. Any questions feel free to leave a comment and they will be answered accordingly. Good Luck readers.



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Great Day Hood Famous TV Blog readers! Hope you all watched the presidential debate last night so that when you go to the polls you are making an informed decision. Nothing is worse than voting for the guy who is most popular if you are not clear on where he stands as far as the issues are concerned.

Today we focus on mindsets. It is extremely important that you have the right thought patterns in place in order to achieve maximum success in your life. Nothing comes to a stagnant person, ever and having a fixed mindset can hold you back for years and sometimes forever if you absolutely refuse to change. By living with a fixed mindset your limiting your basic abilities and talents. You are telling your inner self that nothing is worth growing for or towards and this tends to hinder those around you as well because it is highly contagious.

A growth mindset sets you in the right direction and allows you to get to your highest level of success effortlessly. It becomes as natural as brushing your teeth if you wake up every morning and tell yourself that you can and will do all the things you need and want to do. It’s important to venture out of your comfort zone and develop your abilities. Take risks in terms of career and personal endeavors. It is the art of pursuing what makes you happy and satisfies your brains hunger for more, that makes you successful.

So how do you develop this mindset of success? Simply put, you stop procrastinating and put forth action. These six definite steps will take you farther than you could ever imagine.

  1. Get focused and take steps that generate results.
  2. Leave the excuses behind.
  3. Think of what you originally sought out and remember why you wanted it so badly.
  4. Let the obstacles motivate you to be a winner.
  5. Practice daily positive affirmations.
  6. Be thankful and appreciative.

By affirming to yourself that you are already successful, the mindset becomes a reality to you, and perhaps you see that the world was in your hands all along.




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Great Day Hood Famous TV Blog readers! Today we focus on the people who make it happen behind the scenes. I for one, am one of those people. I thrive on seeing my clients achieve their goals and do my best to help them get there. As a full-time publicist and freelance journalist I often have to explain the difference of what role I play in terms of career enhancement or brand recognition. At times, I have also taken on the role of management simply because I have the resources and advice needed at the time. Below I briefly decipher the role of each before I go into detailed advice to each about how to maximize their client lists and earnings.

An agent is responsible for helping you find work and for negotiating the terms of your employment. Agents are usually paid a percentage of your fees for each job, generally between 10 percent and 15 percent. In California, agent fees are limited to 10 percent of your earnings.

A manager provides career guidance and advice. Managers generally earn between 15 percent and 20 percent of your total income.

A publicist helps you manage your relationship with the media. Most publicists work on retainer, whereby the publicist earns a monthly fee for a set amount of work, such as 15-20 hours a week.

NOTE TO ARTIST/COMPANIES: There is a big misconception that these people have an “easy” job or that they are overpaid. Let me begin by telling you that no job is easy if you go hard at it. Whether you’re a manager who breathes, lives and eats their clients needs on a daily basis or the best damn hamburger flipping cashier at Burger King, if you go hard then there’s nothing easy. I have been approached too many times by artists or companies who want trial periods or no contract work done on their behalf and of course feel that paying for these services is not necessary. I tell them all the same thing, how do you think (fill in the blank) got to Grammy or Emmy Award status? I can vouch that it was not by trying to be cheap nor doing it all on their own. Now I personally do offer a no questions asked 30 day cancellation on yearly contracts but after that because I have put in work by the time that expires we will go about it the legal way. I have yet to have to do it so I’ll knock on wood and continue on.

Many of you have already carried on the functions of these roles for quite a while perhaps on a freelance basis and would like to make a living and/or start a business in one of these fields or all of them. You can be all three just be prepared for a massive workload and I advise getting a degree or taking a course in Marketing, Business, Accounting, etc. I chose Marketing because it links in best with being a Publicist in my opinion. Do your research online and see what works best for you.

Launching your company does not take rocket science just hard work and consistency. Begin by creating a few social media pages or start a blog. Put up recent as well as past links to your work. Anything relevant to the field you are trying to get into is fine. Showcasing your work online is the best option for a portfolio nowadays. It gives potential clients the opportunity to see what you are made of. For examples of online portfolio just Google it and a variety of such will come up in the results.

As far as investing is concerned, until you reach a higher level of decree all you need is an up to date laptop/I-pad or desktop (though I suggest a laptop or I-pad so you can travel with it and bring it to meetings) and a nice quiet space with good lighting where you can concentrate and get work done. In the beginning of my career I utilized every library and Starbucks in New York City because of the free wi-fi and they doubled as a perfect meeting space with clients. You don’t need the fancy office and waiting area until you’re well established unless you have the capital and want to start big, which is fine, just don’t let those things be excuses if you don’t have the budget for it right away.

To attract clients send as many prospects as possible to your online platforms. Create business cards and attend as many networking events as possible. If you’re trying to do mainly entertainment representation than go to concerts and events where entertainers are more likely to be found. The main part of being in this business is building a strong network of contacts so ask yourself if you’re a people person because you will have to deal with people in order to get anything done.

Lastly, know thyself. Decide early on if you can handle the different personalities that you will encounter being in the entertainment industry. The myth of Divas is not a myth at all. Be ready to handle anything that comes your way and adopt a strong mentality as this game can eat you alive if people smell fear. Be yourself but have a can do attitude and don’t feel that you have to negotiate yourself to the point that you are not seeing progress in your career or personal life. You can pay the bills and live an abundant lifestyle in your chosen field if you stay consistent, meet deadlines and communicate effectively with clients.

Below are some links to a few sites that I feel are extremely helpful if you are just starting out or need to brush up on a few things, Enjoy and remember life is what you make it, so make it a good one.



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Great Day Hood Famous TV readers! As promised today we will just go over some basics on getting goals accomplished and what it will take to attain them. I know you will enjoy the following and as always DO NOT hesitate to comment or ask questions.

The age old question of where do you see yourself in the future is and always will be relevant. While it is essential to live in “the now”, it is imperative to your survival in the entertainment industry to always have a clear plan of what you want to achieve in terms of the future and how you plan to get there. One of the biggest flaws of rappers, singers, dancers and models is that they often just live for today with no regards to tomorrow. The mentality that tomorrow is promised to no one is taken too literal because in reality you more than likely will wake up the next day and you will regret yesterdays decision if you acted on that premise.

So lets say you’re a rapper. You’ve been writing. rapping and living the craft for ten years now. You’ve done some local shows and won a few rap battles and the people love you. You’ve traveled a bit and you know that creating a buzz outside of your comfort zone is a must. Your budget isn’t in the millions but you could invest some of that sneaker and bottles money into your career and probably be further along by now. You wake up and think about all the things that are possible if you just had more money or a manager or better locations to perform at or a publicist who knows everyone you don’t know but that’s the problem, you think about it and do nothing.

The difference between the successful artist and the unsuccessful artist is not talent, it’s commitment. The most committed rappers have major deals, the most committed models are being booked for Fashion Week, the most committed dancers are getting call backs for mainstream videos. They may not be as good as you are but if you just sit and think of all your possibilities while remaining physically stagnant, how far are you really trying to get?

The solution to getting where to where you want to be is simple. Think it, Plan it, Do it! If your goals are kept mundane then the execution is effortless.

  1. Create a vision board. A vision board is just a platform where you view the things you want out of life on a daily basis. It is proven that people who utilize vision boards tend to reach their goals quicker than those who don’t. It’s not only looking at the board but keeping your thoughts on that frequency as well. You can use construction paper and cut-outs and fancy borders or you can just write down affirmations on sticky notes and place them somewhere you can view them first thing in the morning. With the help of technology there are even some available on line making the process even easier, just make sure you log on daily to view your vision board.
  2. Find a mentor. A mentor is defined as a wise or trusted adviser or guide. Get in contact with folks that you know are successful by every fiber of their being. That means they are successful in their careers, health and personal relationships. Well rounded individuals can be of much assistance because they want to see others do well. If you are an entertainer it makes sense to find someone who has had a conducive career in the industry therefore you can advance yourself through their knowledge.
  3. Commit and be consistent. Not much has to be said after that. If you want it, act like it. Carry yourself in accordance with the life you want to live. Be consistent with your music, your money and the contacts that you will meet along the way. Get in the studio as much as possible, spend your money on things or services that will assist you in elevating your career to that next level, hire the appropriate staff to book your shows, or get a personal assistant, etc. Believing that you are a one man (or woman) show is a small minded concept and will keep you in small spaces.
  4. When you reach a goal and complete it. Celebrate your success. Go out with friends and toast to the event or get a relaxing massage for all your hard work. Buy a sweater, an expensive cup of coffee or just go online and blast yourself out to every social media platform. Whatever you want because you deserve it.

These are just a few helpful suggestions to keep in mind. I love to see people shine in their own light and it boggles my mind when I see talent going to waste because of negative mindsets and ridiculously large egos. Do what works for you but remember that longevity comes with persistence and humility.



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This week I am going to bombard you with business know-how for all you aspiring, up and coming and even already established artists. In the Indie industry, particularly in the mid-west region, there is a shortage of knowledge when it comes to the business aspect of entertainment. There is an overflow of talent but it can not and will not be recognized until a shift takes place in the area of becoming busy savvy. Every rapper, model, actress and so forth should know how to market  themselves to a certain extent but what about these janky promoters, lazy managers and too cocky agents? This week we will focus on getting you, the Talent, the right representation all across the board.

On Tuesday I will begin with a few questions to ask yourself as far as what you really want is concerned. Where do you see yourself ten years from now and how do you plan on getting there?

Wednesday I’ll switch it up and advise all the professionals who make the magic happen behind the scenes. I will include links to articles and even free classes online where you can perfect your craft as well as some sound advice to starting your own business successfully without ridiculous start-up fees.

By Thursday you’ll be ready for a more in-depth lesson on how to achieve goals in general through personal realization. We will discuss how being in tune with yourself can elevate your sense of professionalism and even increase your revenue. What are the mindsets of successful people in the entertainment industry?

On Friday I’ll take it easy and take questions or comments from all of our readers and post up our first contest.

Throughout the week I will continue to post all things hip-hop as well so make sure you Follow us on Twitter @hoodfamoustv to stay up to date on all of our posts, events and more.


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Welcome back readers! I’m Star B., your resident blogger here at Hood Famous TV. I want to say thank you to all those who are returning and a big hello to all of our new readers. Hood Famous TV blog is brought to you by the GMS Hood Famous DVD family so you are now associating yourself with a new level of consciousness, haters beware.

At Hood Famous TV we have been working overtime to bring you a new and improved version of your favorite hip-hop blog. Not only will we bring you the same up-to-date information on your favorite local and internationally known artists, we are also introducing a “Be About Your Business” section which contains useful information for rappers, producers, dancers, models, etc. This will be of interest to anyone who wants to achieve their goals and get maximum results from their execution.

We will be introducing a Hood Famous TV Hustler of the Month. This title will be awarded to a male or female who we feel is consistently on their grind in the music business, professional in nature and looks good doing it. More info will be provided later on this week on how to nominate yourself or someone you know for the title. This is going to be a great networking opportunity for a lot of you out there so stay tuned. We also believe that social responsibility is an obligation and will be featuring guest bloggers from time to time who are active in their careers and communities as well.

Hood Famous TV wants to say thank you to our readers as much as possible so we will be updating the contests and free giveaways section as often as possible, remember the more you play the more you win.

There is so much more we have coming your way so be sure to follow us via Twitter @hoodfamoustv or Join us on Facebook at