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Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up with the acclaimed “Boy with the Billion Barz” himself, Large Amount. I had the opportunity to discuss his new mix-tape hosted by DJ O.P. “Heroin From Africa” , how he chose his collabs and what he does to get in his recording zone.

Star B.: I love the mix-tape but what’s the story behind the name “Heroin From Africa”?

Large Amount: I wanted something besides the cliché  of album titles. I was actually listening to a song on Jadakiss’ mix-tape, I think it’s the one before Consignment and I got it from one of his lines. It’s gonna make people ask questions. I wanted to get peoples’ attention and I knew they would get curious. I figured I’ll stay with the concept. “Live from Liverpool” is next. Imma stop in various countries and keep it going and I feel it gives an explanation of my extensive catalog as far as “Boy with a Billion Bars” is concerned. It gives me a push cause I’m like man I can follow up with Mexico and Middle Eastern countries.

Star B.: How did u choose who to collaborate with on this mix-tape?

Large Amount: When I started recording I reached out to A-Mafia, Hell Rell and a few others but that can be stressful cause of schedules and it’s nonsense. It slows you down and slows down your creativity and exhausts your energy in the wrong direction. So I got D-block, Coke Boys and A-Mafia but I didn’t use em’ all so I stayed minimal this time. I spent about four months listening to it and used process of elimination and I ended up with a few local cats. I kept it down to people I really deal with on a daily. I’ll keep the others for another mix-tape and I didn’t want to waste time waiting on Sheek, Styles and Jada cause they are very busy and picky. I kept it real family. I think for the most part people want to hear Large Amount on a Large Amount feature so I keep things real simple with this one.

Star B.: So what can we expect next from you?

Large Amount: I’m already working on the next three mix-tapes. I’m in a group “Bull Pen” with AP and Snyp Life. I’m working on “Bull Pen Therapy” and I got a typical style mix-tape and now I want to get started on the “Live from Liverpool” project as well.

Star B.: How do you feel about your fans who say you are underrated and should be more mainstream?

Large Amount: I would love to be mainstream and I would love for more people to be familiar with my music. If I went on 106th and Park with Jadakiss I’m sure I would be out there but that’s cliché as well. I don’t really think that’s the best way to put your flag down. I like the hard work way of doing it, people want to hear and see the story. They don’t want to see an artist come in the game and just pop up on the screen and it’s all big time. It brings my fans closer to me to see and hear how I got here. I agree I’m underrated but if I work hard I will get there.

Star B.: Who haven’t you worked with that you want to work with?

Large Amount: I would love an AZ track, I know he’s not mainstream right now but I’m real fond of that style of rap and he is just real rap to me but I’m open to work with anyone right now.

Star B: Now I was listening to “Heroin From Africa” and I love the whole mix-tape but I see a different style of flow from you on the song “Double Cup”. It’s very southern to me, what do you think?

Large Amount: A lot of people have been saying that Double Cup is Down south but it wasn’t originally mine it was Natty Yosiahs song and I wanted to get on it to see how it would sound and I liked it. It got me moving. People like “Yo, you  should do a video to it,” so I ended up on that record by default. All my fans know I’m real versatile and know I’m capable of doing it all. I’m very familiar with the southern style. I feel like as an artist there should be no limits and I think that song is me showing I’m not just in one lane.

Star B.: What’s the typical routine for you to go in the studio and do your thing?

Large Amount: My routine for studio, at one point was the smoking and drinking and crowd of people, but as of lately I been alone in the studio. I don’t want to become dependent like a lot of artist that need to be on cluck mode to get in the vibe. I feed off of vibes of positive people around me and I like to be in a clear mind now. I try not to stress out in the studio or go in when I’m feeling stressed at this point in this game.

Star B.: Well thanks so much Large. I really appreciate you taking the time to show the Hood Famous TV Blog some love and I look forward to that next mix-tape.

Large Amount: Thank you. Check out the music. Shout out to Hood Famous TV. Go to and download, listen and support. Go on YouTube and check out some old videos and interviews if you just getting to know Large Amount. Shout out to Kayte Taylor she is a great person. Shout out to the bloggers, yall keep it going. Yall report it and we appreciate it. Without yall people wouldn’t even know what’s happening. Diamond Life, Styles P. Get that. Shout out to Wu Block. “Bull Pen Therapy” coming soon!


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